Product Details

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The company produces Kraft paperboard used for board making and packaging. Quality and consistency is achieved by using cutting edge technology sourced from one of the most technologically advanced companies from Sweden, Finland, China and India. A fully semi-automated machines and process ensures betterment and consistency in the quality.

We can successfully enumerate multiple reasons, why we have grown in strength and popularity in the industry. Some of the foremost reasons are mentioned below.

  • Uniform quality parameters in all reels.
  • Completely odor free paper.
  • Greater ring crush value (RCT) results in 20 to 30% increase in box compression strength compared to conventional multi layer forming equipments.
  • No de-shaping of the box and stable dimensions even after drying.
  • Greater tear resistance suitable for paper bags.
  • Claiming maximum clean paper in our segment.
  • Maintaining chloride content within a specific limit.
  • Minimum variation in profile across the CD of paper.

Our machine comprises the following:

  • Pulp screening through 0.15 mm slot (the first of its kind in Kraft paper pulpmill in all-over India)ensuring smooth, flat and clear paper.
  • Longest forming table: ensuring better formation.
  • Jumbo presses: ensures more compact and flat paper
  • Fully automated approach flow and semi-automated pulpmill for consistency in quality.
  • Our Globe make rewinder ensures sharp slitting and tight rewinding of reels.

We maintain the following parameters:

  • Guaranteed GSM ±5% as per Tappi standard.
  • Target optimum paper moisture controlled automaticallyfor better yield and strength of the paper.
  • Cobb 30 to 40 to ensure efficient printability.
  • Using European technology for flat and clean paper ensures better fluting to liner bondingbetter printability in the carton box andricher look of the Box.
  • Higher tear resistance to withstand the corrugation plant speed of 250 mpm, even in 100 GSM paper.
  • Our machine speed of 350 mpm and rewinder speed of over 1000mpm confirms the higher runnability
  • Minimum moons cut & the joints are stronger enough to withstand corrugation plant speed of 250 mpm.
  • Minimum breakage of paper from start to end of the reel. (ratio of 1 in 15 reels). Moreover, a better quality double sided tape ensures nonstop, maximum corrugation machine runnibility.
  • New and rigid core pipefor reeling the paper ensures smooth running of paper in the corrugation machine. The core plugs ensures no damaging of reels while unloading the reels.
  • Pulpmill and machine automation ensures consistent quality.
  • The Edge-protectors help reach reels with safety at your site.
  • Lab report of every reel with each invoice ensures transparency in quality of paper.
  • We are the only Kraft papermill in all-over India to provide length of paper in reels for our customers to ensure minimum wastage of paper or stopping of machine.