About Us


Balaji Malts Pvt Ltd is promoted by “Jodhani Group” and all the directors are from the same family. The group is also have a manufacturing sector in manufacturing of food products, windmill , coal trading and another Kraft paper mill in dodaballapur which is its sister company

We diversify in manufacturing of Kraft paper looking into the demand of other industry and Bangalore’s geographical position which brings it closer to many main cities and ports having connection to cities like Chennai, Pune , Goa

Having achieved experience in Kraft paper industry in particular and looking at the supply and demand in the market we can proudly tell that we are among the leading paper recycling plant

We have also diversified in industry of coal importing which is managed in Bangalore, Karnataka in the same name

Strength of the Company

  • Flexibility of manufacturing paper in 140 GSM to 250 GSM
  • Machine deckle being 3.75 meters it is easy for our customer to order according to their need
  • Pulp mill and machine automation ensures consistent quality
  • Good rewinding quality with the speed over 1200 MPM which also ensures higher run-ability
  • Greater ring crush value (RCT) results in 20 to 30% increase in box compression strength